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Brain-Computer Interface Workshop

To be held in Iasi, April 16th 2009, 15:00-18:15 and Craiova, April 22nd 2009, 9:00-12:15

General information

The Brain-Computer Interface research area is a fast expanding field in the world of biomedical engineering. BCIs have been developed during the last years for people with severe disabilities to improve their quality of life. Applications of BCI systems comprise the restoration of movements, communication and environmental control. However, recently BCI applications have been also used in different research areas e.g. in the field of virtual reality.

Main topics

1st session: BCI fundamental concepts (90 minutes)
  1. definition of a brain computer interface
  2. the EEG, non-invasive recording of brain activity
  3. assets and drawbacks of EEG-based BCI
  4. BCI approaches: the slow cortical potentials
  5. BCI approaches: oscillatory activity, alpha-, mu- and beta rhythms
  6. BCI approaches: steady-state evoked potentials
  7. BCI approaches: the P-300 approach
  8. limits of speed and accuracy with EEG-based BCI applications
Break (15 minutes)

2nd session: BCI application - life experiment (90 minutes)
  1. use of the EEG electrode cap, how to mount EEG electrodes
  2. individual training of volunteer subject
  3. see the classification result / performance of the subject
  4. Using a P300-spelling device to write words by thinking: copy spelling
  5. Using a P300-spelling device to write words by thinking: free spelling
  6. short movies about different BCI applications
  7. discussion

Gunther Krausz, Mag, g.tec medical engineering GmbH, Austria (http://www.gtec.at/)
Conf.dr.ing. Marian Poboroniuc, GH.ASACHI Technical University of Iasi (www.ee.tuiasi.ro/~mpobor)

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